Sostanze da assorbire

The following table indicates which material to use depending on the substance to be absorbe

Fluid Chemical sorbent Oil sorbent
Sulfuric acid (96%) Yes No
Hydrochloric acid (35%) Yes No
Nitric Acid (71%) Yes No
Phosphoric Acid (85%) Yes No
Acetic Acid (95%) Yes No
Fluoride Acid (49%) Yes No
Perchloric Acid Yes No
Carbonic acido Yes No
Formic acid Yes No
Sodium Idroside (15%) Yes No
Sodium Potassium (15%) Yes No
Ammonia (15%) Yes No
Trisodium Phosphate (15%) Yes No
Sodium carbonate Yes No
Calcium carbonate Yes No
Limewater Yes No
Anilina Yes Yes
Liscivia (15%) Yes No
Acetone Yes Yes
Acrylonitrile Yes
Benzene Yes Yes
Carbon tetrachloride Yes Yes
Chloroform Yes Yes
Cyklohexanone Yes Yes
Diethylamine Yes Yes
Ether Yes Yes
Formaldehyde Yes Yes
Hexane Yes Yes
Methylene Chloride Yes Yes
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Yes Yes
Perchloethylene Yes Yes
Turpentine Yes Yes
Toluene Yes Yes
Ethylene trichloride Yea Yes
Crude oil Yes Yes
Oil Yes Yes
Hydraulic oil Yes Yes
Kerosene Yes Yes
Reactor fuel Yes Yes
Motor oil Yes Yes
Petrol Yes Yes
Vegetable oil Yes Yes
Oil on water No Yes
Blood Yes No
Water Yes No
Milk Yes No
Gastric acid Yes No
Unwanted Water Yes Yes
Beer / Wine Yes No
Phenol Yes Yes
Ethylene glycol Yes Yes
Methanol Yes Yes
Ethanolo (98%) Yes Yes
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