Why use Pannotex

Cost effective

In comparison to rags, using Pannotex® you get about 4 or 6 times the number of pieces for each kg. This means great savings:

Pieces per kg Price per kg Price per piece
Pannotex® dark rolls 64 € 5,46 € 0,08
Pannotex® dark sheets 40 € 3,46 € 0,08
Rags 10 € 1,20 € 0,12

Hygienic processing

Pannotex® is produced with regenerated original fibres thermically processed at 250 °C , thus avoiding any bacterial infections.
Normally, rags come from used old cloths or old hospital blankets whose origin is mostly unknown.

Packaging – High quality material

Uniformity of size and packaging, constant thickness (about 2 mm) instead of mixed materials.
No buttons, zips, seams or stitches.
The packaging in pre-cut sheets or rolls allows for easy stockage and rational use by operators.


Pannotex®’s particular cotton composition has a very high absorption capacity, about 10 times its weight for oils and about 5 times for general liquids.

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