Respiratory protection – healthcare

In the healthcare sector, respirators are useful for the defense of the presence in the air of biological and / or chemical contaminants.

Organic risk

As with all other risks, priority will be given to all measures to reduce environmental contamination: respirators may be used in some cases to address residual risk. It should be recalled that there is no specific reference standard for the use of such filtration systems in the presence of bioaerosols. For high risk situations, such as bronchoscopy, is recommended the use of FFFP3 masks (50651), for normal patient care operations is recommended the use of FFP2 (50630 or 50631).

Chemical risk

In all operations involving the use of chemical agents, should be preferred prevention measures collective such as hoods

Preparazione di farmaci antiblastici: i farmaci vanno preparati sotto cappa a flusso laminare. È comunque utile, per eliminare il rischio residuo, usare maschere filtranti FFP2 (50630 o 50631). Tale misura è di fondamentale importanza in caso di incidente.

Preparation of antiblastic drugs: Medicines should be prepared under a laminar flow hood. However, to eliminate residual risk use FFP2 filter masks (50630 or 50631). This measure is of paramount importance in the event of an accident.

Use of formaldehyde and / or glutaraldehyde: in case it is present, you need to make an effective localized aspiration, the use of filter facials is not mandatory, but if you are in the presence of a natural air exchange especially at the moment of increased exposure, you will need to wear a Folded respirator with exhalation valve and active charcoal against nuisance odours and organic vapours. (50641).

Laboratory analysis: In laboratories where are performed chemical-clinical and laboratory analyzes used commonly various chemicals, which are however used in small quantities and / or closed loop. Operations that may involve significant exposure must be performed under the hood. The use of respirators is therefore not justified in common routines. In case of accidents involving major spills, it is good to use full face mask with universal filters (A2B2E2K2P3).

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