Easyroll & Polyroll

Protective floor cloth for:

Refurbishing and painting

Accidental leakages of liquids

Accidental fall of objects

Frequent passing

Daily protection for all types of floor surfaces

Use as anti-slide under carpets

Use as packaging cover

Whenever floors must be protected Polyroll® and Easyroll are the right answer to all problems. They are protective absorbent felts combined with waterproof and anti-slide sheet. The felt is made of regenerated cotton with a high absorption level, therefore useful in case of accidental liquid leakages (paint, varnish, solvents, oil and grease etc.).
Moreover, the adequate thickness protects the floor from any possible damage caused by tools falling, by frequent passing with dirty shoes, by refurbishing or maintenance works. The reinforcing anti-hair treatment guarantees a high duration and resistance without fraying so that even vehicles can pass over (e.g. trucks, cars, forklifts, etc.).

 The polyethylene membrane has contact with the floor and offers waterproof protection from liquids; the special mixture the membrane is composed of guarantees that the product, once laid on a clean floor, adheres to the surface so preventing any possible movement and avoiding any dangerous dropping of objects by workers.

Felt and membrane are combined providing an excellent grip (resistant guaranteed unrolled up to 10 N) putting itself above most other similar products which have been particle combined or are traditionally made.
Easyroll and Polyroll® are available in easily transportable rolls.

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