Our respirators are designed for adults, hence they could be too big and uncomfortable for children.

For protection against unpleasant smells I (eg from exhaust gases) ICEA offers Folded respirator with exhalation valve and active charcoal against uisance odours and organic vapours.

Our respirator  are with or without exhalation valve.

Exhalation valve (polypropylene and natural rubber) prevents  the formation of condensate inside the respirator, prolonging the efficiency and duration of the respirator and making wearier breathing less painful. The  particular form  and orientation of the valve, which directs the exhaled air down, allow the use in combination with glasses.

The choice of respirator with or without valve depends on use. For jogging or bicycle it is advisable to opt for a respirator with a valve.

If the facial is used in scooters or for strolling, then in case there is no breathing stress, then you can choose the respirator without valve.

Generally, for all those people requiring a protection against PM 10, and a limited daily exposition to pollution agents, we recommend a FFP1category face respirator.

A cyclist pedalling in the city traffic for an average 2 hours a day is largely protected against smog and particulates.

We tested the wearability of our respirators under a full-face helmet, resulting in no problems. We have to point out that some helmet models can be narrower than others, thus interfering with the respirator. In any case, the filtering efficiency is not affected . We do recommend not to wear respirator types equipped with valve, because its thickness could create inconvenience within the restricted space of a full-face helmet.

Le mascherine della linea Refil sono dotate di elastici di doppio spessore in modo da evitare rotture durante l’utilizzo. L’elastico è unico e scorrevole con attacco alla struttura del facciale tramite robuste saldature ad ultrasuoni (e non deboli graffette metalliche): in questo modo l’utilizzatore può regolare a proprio piacimento la tensione dell’elastico o decidere di utilizzarne solo la parte alta o quella bassa.

Respirators recommended for the filtering of pollen are of FFP2 type.

Credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery (in this case an extra charge of 8 Euro is to be added).

The most effective respirator against avian flu is FFP3 type (article code 50651), certified against viruses and bacteria.

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