Why use our absorbent materials


Using our absorbent materials saves you considerably compared to other normally available commercially materials (granular, etc.). In fact, despite the granular price it has a kg. lower, the higher absorption capacity of the ICEA sorbent results in the live cost per kg of absorbed being similar (not considering the more convenient the sorbent).
It is enough to think that the absorption capacity of a normal granular is 1 times its weight, against 15/20 times of an ICEA sorbent.
This means to absorb 10 kg. of oil it takes 10 kg. granular or from 500 to 750 grams of ICEA sorbent!
Check the following table

Product Granular Sepiolite Oil sorbent ICEA item 34201
Price list X conf. 5,60 €/10 kg 83,00 €/200pcs
Absorption x conf. 10 liter oil 150 liter oil
Price X liter absorbed 0,560 €/liter 0,553€/liter

But disposal costs are even halved:

Granular Sepiolite Oil sorbent ICEA item 34201
Absorbing material 10 kg 10 kg
Absorbent material 10 kg 0,75 kg
Total to be disposed 20 kg 10,75 kg

Dispose of 10 kg. of oil absorbed by granular means to send (and pay) to disposal 10 kg. of absorbed material + 10 kg. of absorbent material = 20 kg.
With the ICEA sorbents the same amount of oil is disposed of with less than one kg. of absorbent material. This means I send (and pay) to disposal in total less than 11 kg. !!!
In particular, oil sorbents absorbing oil and repelling water, in the case of oily emulsions, only recover the polluting element, with considerable weight reduction and therefore cost of disposal.


With ICEA sorbents cleaning and recovering spilled material is much simpler: there is no need for staff who lose their time sweeping on the ground, and granulars are not scattered throughout the workplace.

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