Petrozorb – assorbente naturale vegetale con fermenti bio-rimedianti – cf x 10

The Petrozorb range is part of a proven set of industrial absorbents economical and fast-acting.

The product is made up of 100% natural fibers (cellulose),that making it non-abrasive, non-toxic, with economic and minimal environmental impact.

In its natural state it is already biodegradable, safe and easy to use because it does not require any protective clothing or specialized and trained technicians or high-tech equipment for manipulating or deleting the materials used.

Petrozorb is used as device an emergency and as daily prevention. Petrozorb can absorb and encapsulate contact liquids, as well as limit and eliminate spill expansion.

The product is light, easy to use and extremely convenient. The flammable liquids absorbed do not ignite if exposed to flame at a distance greater than 30 mm.

During the Petrozorb application it suppresses vapors and odors and consequently minimizes the risks associated with the danger of inhaling harmful substances, explosions and combustion.

Some examples of absorbed products:


Acetone Dichloromethane  Methylene chloride 
Acetonitrile  Diesel  methylphenol 
Amylacetate  Ethanol Motor oilre
Benzene  Ethylbenzene  Naphthalene 
Butanol  Ethyl ether  Nitroaniline 
Butanone  Petrol  Nitrobenzene 
Bromodichloromethane  Heptane  Paraffin oi 
Bromoform  Hexane  Pentane 
Fuel  Hexachlorobenzene  Phenol
Canola oil  Hexachlorobutadiene  Propanol
on bisolfide  Hexachloroethane  Silicone oil
Carbon tetrachloride  Esene  Styrene
Chloroform  Isobutanol  Tetrachlorine
Chloromethane  Isoprpanolo  Tetrachlorethylene
Corn oil    Toluene
Cyclohexane  Kerosene  Trichlorophenol
Dichlorobenzene  Methanol  Vinyl acetate

The absorption time varies depending on the uniformity, composition and specific weight of the liquids to be absorbed. The external temperature and viscosity of hydrocarbons and chemicals to be absorbed varies depending on the sum of the products that will be needed to completely absorb any shedding.


Incineration: Establishments using coal-fossil fuels can use absorbing products saturated hydrocarbon in their manufacturing process, making them an excellent alternative fuels.

landfill: possibly carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the competent authorities, the landfill t does not allow at the hydrocarbons encapsulated to disperse into the environment.

Cultivation: bioremediation saves significant areas of landfill, since it cleanses fields that until recently were not recoverable. Hydrocarbons biodegrade more rapidly than 25%, becoming nutrients for microorganisms (OEMs) that rejuvenate the soil. Once the soil encapsulated the hydrocarbons do not release them into the environment.

Benefits of the range:

– It absorbs hydrocarbons quickly with its capillary action and its porous structure
– Fully secure and easy to use
– Cheap
– Easy to apply, easy to clean
– It absorbs hydrocarbons by contact and does not allow the hydrocarbons themselves to stick to
the outer surface of the product
– It is effective on soil and water
– After cleaning does not leave behind residues
– Light, very thin powder
– Non-toxic 100% biodegradable substance
– More preference to hydrocarbons than to water
– Reusable
– Instant response time
– Reduces the work hours required for cleaning
– Removes all free-flowing oils at extraction sites


Ideal for:
• Airports
• All types of oil spills
• Construction / Extraction vehicles / Repair workshops
• Emergency operations
• Emergency exit reaction
• Land use services
• Landfills of fuel
• Heavy machinery installations
• Plants for hydraulic machinery
• Compressor leaks
• Loss of pumps and motors
• Mechanical workshops
• Machinery
• Maintenance Areas
• Mines
• Petroleum containment areas
• Petroleum storage areas
• Motorway Surfaces / Incidents
• External containment areas
• Ports / Marinas
• Refineries and oil exploration sites
• Refueling areas
• Reversal of roads
• Service stations
• Cleaning sites
• Mines
• Vehicle Repair Offices

Silver con Oil Eating Microbes (OEM)

Petrozorb – Silver is made up of 100% of renewable organic cellulose fibers with the addition of Oil Eating Microbes (OEM), that is, microorganisms that can metabolize oils and hydrocarbons. An important significant advantage of Pètrozorb Silver compared to ordinary materials used in oil absorption is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable, consisting of a mixture of 5 different types of plants that also have the advantage of rendering the product non-abrasive and regenerating.

Its high absorption capacity is due to the ultra porous structure that allows the product to absorb hydrocarbons while maintaining the pollutant fluid inside the granule.

Petrozorb Silver has the ability to quickly absorb dispersions by by using its oleophilous qualities. And it has the ability to restore and make reusable the polluted area

The structure allows it to float on each liquid to be absorbed. It acts immediately at the contact.

In the first few minutes that are the most critical for a quick cleaning reaction Petrozorb Silver absorbs 90% of its capacity. The product continues to absorb for a long time and does not allow any release process of the absorbed.

Petrozorb – Silver contains microorganisms natural and added in the laboratory and all the macro and microelements (nutrients) that can support life in the soil and that facilitate bioremediation.

These nutrients support the colony of Petrozorb – Silver ‘s microorganisms enabling them to proliferate in an otherwise sterile environment. From the time these microorganisms metabolize hydrocarbons stimulate and increase the growth of new plants by acting as fertilizer.

The above properties allow Petrozorb – Silver to be a perfect balanced solution: when a spillage of oils or chemicals occurs, the soil is sterilized and deprived of any form of life and nutrient. Petrozorb – Silver encapsulates the pollutant, restores the microorganisms useful to the soil and provides them with all the nutrients needed to support them, allowing them to multiply rapidly. These microorganisms then feed and lower hydrocarbons and consequently supply the soil and renew plant growth.

• Our biological microorganisms are produced in a structure that has been recorded in accordance with ISO 9002. Strict controls and very stringent tests are an integral part of the manufacturing process and are carried out in order to ensure that the products are manufactured with the highest quality standard.

• Microorganisms in our active microbial products belong to Class I as defined in the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

• This group consists of biological agents that represent a low individual risk and for the community since it

is highly unlikely to cause disease or danger to the health of humans and animals.

• Logs are sent regularly to an independent body for its verification, identification and classification

Image Electron Microscope at 3,000 magnifications

Millions of microspurts allow rapid absorption



Petrozorb – Silver can be used to clean up oil spills on solid surfaces such as highways, concrete slabs and ground, and on liquid surfaces. Petrozorb – Silver floats on the water, preferably absorbs more oil than water and floats even when oil saturates without altering its molecular structure.

Petrozorb – Silver absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and other oily materials floating on the water. An additional advantage is that it maintains its consistency even when used on water and oil saturated. Once saturated with oil, it does not become “muddy”. This feature allows the saturated oil product to be harvested or raked without much difficulty. Petrozorb – Silver is not absolutely toxic.

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