Sepiolite is a mineral with high levels of absorption for all liquids. It is used 100% in its natural form, without having to be mixed. From a chemical perspective, it is hydrated silicate of magnesium. This product is vital for factories, garages, motorways and workplaces in general, anywhere liquids can provoke hazards or accidents due to unwanted spillage.

Which choice of Sepiolite?

The product is in powder form and we offer two different granulometric types suitable for various uses, but the base is the natural pure hydrated silicate of magnesium.

Sepiolite 6/30 (item number 36201) is a natural absorbent, granulametric BIG, ideal for any form of leakage or loss of water, oils, acids, etc. it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even places with string winds, actuallt the BIG granulametric eases its spread.

Instead Sepiolite 15/30 (item number 36101, 36102,  36103)  is a MEDIUM granulametric, ideal indoors or outdoors where there is no wind. The absorbing power is high and is perfect for both professional and domestci use, deliberately projected to absorb any type of leakage or spillino of liquids in the home, garage or in DIY places, as much as in factories, work sites, etc.

Basic characteristics:

Harmlessness : no special precautions required for use.

Quality:in the purity of its natural form.

Absorbing power: its high liquid retention capacity.

Ecological: it helps to protect the environment.

Mechanical resistance: it maintains its granulated form without breaking up, even at saturation point.

Safe: it is incombustible.

Odorless : as it is a natural mineral.

Deodorant: it holds in odours.

Stable: it is chemically inert and neither corrosive nor oxidising.

Non abrasive: due to the lack of quartz and its structure.

Granulometry: the standard we use to identify our products is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), alternative to the Mesh standard. Here below is a comparative table of the two different standards:

06/30 06/28
15/30 13/28
30/60 28/60
60/120 60/115
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